• Senna Movie playing in Calgary

     Thursday July 21st, 2011 Doors at 6pm The Globe Cinema, 6178th Avenue SW, Calgary downtown For tickets contact the via email: For more info and buy tickets online visit:
  • SHOW: "Jogando no Quintal" & "Loose Moose Theatre"

    IMPROV Night in CalgaryBrazil-Canada Sunday July 10th  7:30 p.m Direction : Marcio Ballas Actors:Marco Gonçalves,Marcio Ballas, Guilherme Tomé from "Jogando no Quintal" group and guests: "Impromadrid" & "Barbixas" & "Loose Mo...
  • RIO still playing in Calgary & Edmonton

    RIO ‎1hr 36min‎‎ - Rated G‎‎ - Animation/Action/Adventure/Comedy‎‎ - English‎Director: Carlos Saldanha - Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Mann, Jake T. Austin, George Lopez, Will i Am, Carlos P...
Coral da BCA - BCA's Choir


Let's Sing !
Aiming to preserve and promote the Brazilian Culture in Canada, BCA-AB is creating a singing group (choir).
The rehearsals (about 1.5h) are weekly at Casa do Brasil, at the time that best suits the participants' schedules.

If you are interested, would like to know more about the group and/or know more about this initiative please send a message to

See you soon!

Call for dancers


BCAAB Board Members

Please note that all board members are VOLUNTEERS, ie all board directors of the BCAAB do not receive any payment or financial compensation for their work for the association.

President: Pedro Almeida
Past President: Marize Bongiovanni
Vice-President: André Torres
Treasurer: Cristina Alcoforado
Secretary: Danielle Drake
Secretary-Treasurer: Aline Trevisan
Sports Director: Rogerio Verdolin
Cultural Director: Elísia Teixeira
Director: Harry Zaft
Director: Thiago Valentin