Special attention to episode airing on Sunday, January 17 as we are included with our Brazilian Folk Festival: FESTA JUNINA recorded in Calgary in 2015.

"Alberta Roots", a locally produced documentary series debuts this Sunday on OMNI at 6:30 pm!
This magazine-style TV series features stories about the hard-working immigrant populations who built Alberta, their vibrant descendants, and new immigrants all working towards a common goal; to strengthen a modern Alberta.
"Alberta Roots", 13 episodes, half-hour each, is all about the people, places, events and history that make Alberta great. It's about showcasing our Alberta pride, debunking the redneck stereotype, and honouring the mosaic of people who built our province.
This documentary series debuts Sunday on Omni TV at 6:30 p.m., and will air every Sunday till January 24, 2016.


You can watch the aiered segment following the weblinks below:


Option # 1 - Complete aiered Episode # 10 with the Brazilian part at the very end - note that you may need to watch the previous segments (3) as ours is the last one, this is from the OMNI TV website:

Option # 2 - Recorded from TV, so quality is not the best, but you can watch from youtube and does not need to watch the previous segments of the Episode:

Below is the full schedule:

-Sunday December 27, 2015
18:30 EPISODE 01 (Alpine Huts/Hispanic Immigrants/Street Performers/Jasper Park)
19:00 EPISODE 02 (Jewish History/Stampede History/Estonian Gymnastics/Banff Park)
19:30 EPISODE 03 (Internment Camps/Italian Centre/Fashion Fusion/UKHV Car Tour)

-Sunday January 3, 2016
18:30 EPISODE 04 (Ukrainian Village/Mavericks/Carribean Culture/Stampede Sights & Sounds)
19:00 EPISODE 05 (Petroleum History/Japanese Garden (Salim)/Otafest/Spruce Meadows)
19:30 EPISODE 06 (Farm School/Western Art Show/Multicultural Stampede Breakfast/Lilac Fest)

-Sunday January 10, 2016
18:30 EPISODE 07 (Communism Escapees/Chinese History/Frank Lee/Muttart Conservatory)
19:00 EPISODE 08 (Ismailis/Cultural Cuisine (Kathleen)/Mosquer Awards/Farmers Market)
19:30 EPISDOE 09 (Scandinavian History/Al-Rashid Mosque/Kimono/Turkish Fest)

-Sunday January 17, 2016
18:30 EPISODE 10 (Barrantes/Holocaust Survivors/French Canadians/Brazilian Fest)
19:00 EPISODE 11 (Soccer Popularity/Vietnamese Lethbridge/Armenian Sculptor/Greek Fest)
19:30 EPISODE 12 (Islamic Anti-Radicalization/K-days History/St Albert Children's fest/Ginger Beef)

-Sunday January 24, 2016
18:30 EPISODE 13 (Cattle Ranchers/Blacks-Foggo/Bhutanese Lethbridge/Klondike Days Tour)

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Coral da BCA - BCA's Choir


Let's Sing !
Aiming to preserve and promote the Brazilian Culture in Canada, BCA-AB is creating a singing group (choir).
The rehearsals (about 1.5h) are weekly at Casa do Brasil, at the time that best suits the participants' schedules.

If you are interested, would like to know more about the group and/or know more about this initiative please send a message to

See you soon!

Call for dancers


BCAAB Board Members

Please note that all board members are VOLUNTEERS, ie all board directors of the BCAAB do not receive any payment or financial compensation for their work for the association.

President: Pedro Almeida
Past President: Marize Bongiovanni
Vice-President: André Torres
Treasurer: Cristina Alcoforado
Secretary: Danielle Drake
Secretary-Treasurer: Aline Trevisan
Sports Director: Rogerio Verdolin
Cultural Director: Elísia Teixeira
Director: Harry Zaft
Director: Thiago Valentin